5 outdoor equipment to enjoy your trail

Looking for outdoor gear to get lost with? We’ve researched the best outdoor equipment to help make any excursion more enjoyable. Throw this guide you could discover witch are the top 5 outdoor equipment you can’t forget on your next adventure.

Outdoor equipment


The first aspect you have to considered when you are planning to buy a backpack, is that there a two different kind of backpack. The ones who are specially designed for travels or navigation throw the cities which are called travel backpack and are designed for without empathize features that travellers highly appreciates the weight of the backpack. The internal frame of the hike backpacks is usually made by aluminium but travellers ones, are made from heavier materials that can withstand abuse from luggage handlers.

By the way the most important aspect of choosing a backpack for your trail is to get sure that it fits you skeleton. The fact that makes a backpack fits your skeleton is not directly relationated to your height as people used to thing. We recommend you to measure your torso and make sure the bag that you want can fit with your size before take a selection.

Water bottles

We recommend you to drink water from a stainless Steel, but why? The main reason is because this kind of bottles don’t suffer from the weight issues such us glass or insulated metal ones.

If this reason is not enough, stainless Steel bottles looks fancier than plastic bottles and offer the users the possibility to carry other beverages tan water without the inconvenience that other people realize from that.

Sun hat

It does a matter if you are hiking, running, biking or doing any activity outdoors, you are exposing yourself to ultraviolet radiation. Nowadays people are beginning to take care about the risk of been exposed to ultraviolet radiation that hits the earth, and thus you.

Sunlight exposure are higher to those who practise their recreating at altitude, that´s why if your going to claim any mountain you can´t forget your sun hat

Although you are wearing a sun hat you can be relaxed because of the sun exposure can occur from above, but also from rays reflected from the ground, even in areas that may be shaded from trees. Water, sand, rock, concrete, and snow have higher reflection rates than other surfaces, which is of note to rafters, runners, climbers, and anyone on the snow.


When you have to buy a headlamp there are three aspects should be considered:

  1. Battery test:Despite of the fact that the light and battery specs on headlamp boxes are misleading because most of them run as long as advertised or even more. The main problem is about how the light behaves during the run time. Some lights dimmed more significantly and pathetically than others, and that’s what you should get inquire before buy a headlamp.
  2. Usability:The quality and position of the buttons, the facility to adjust all head straps and the difficult to open the battery housing in the dark are the main aspects you should considered before buying your own headlamp.
  3. Beam spread:If you are lost in the dark you would need a high quality light to find the way home. So this is the most important aspect you have to consider before buying you own headlamp.

Trekking poles

First of all you need to know the differences between two kinds of outdoor equipment: trekking poles and ski poles. Although they look similar there many differences between them:

  • Trekking poles are usually adjustable to make you feel comfortable in your hike.
  • Adjustable poles also include a locking mechanism that can be proprietary and others are Twist/telescoping mechanism.
  • Trekking Poles usually have a internal spring to dampen impact.
  • At the bottom of the pole you would find tips for better gripping of terrain
  • Trekking poles usually offer the possibility to add different accessories for the kind of hike that you are planning to do (urban, mountain, snow).

Trekking poles are strongly recommended even if is your first trekking experience, or at the very least a walking stick. This is because poles improve the balance and cut down on wear and tear in your legs especially when you are heading downhill. They stave off injuries and lessen impact, sure, but they also get your whole upper body involved.

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