Mercantour National Park _ France

44° 14′ 00″ N, 6° 42′ 30″ E - Mercantour National Park ( France )
Starting Point: Colmars-les-Alpes
Difficulty level: Medium

Day 1

We started our journey on a Friday. It was Fall. We had prepared our backpacks and our excitement was already there. After several hours on the road we arrived in the evening to the starting point of our route: the village of Colmar-Les Alpes, gateway of the Mercantour National Park in the Alpes du Sud region. Quick night indoors to have a fresh start the next morning.

Day 2

We started our adventure walking along the river, we come across beautiful forests of larches, a typical tree of this region. After 2 hours we reach our first base camp, a little prairie next to the river. We had found this place in a previous expedition. We haven’t met anyone so far. The weather is changing but the temperature is still nice for this time of the year. Its 13h00. Time for lunch! We start a little fire to heat water to make our coffee. Our lunch today is Forestia: Basil Pesto Pasta and Chicken Madras. What a discovery. The Forestia heating system allows us to eat warm food with just cool water. What a pleasure to enjoy a warm meal outdoors surrounded by the beauty of nature. I think I understand now the meaning of Forestia claim: “Nature is the best place to eat”. We spend the afternoon cutting wood for the evening and setting our tents. Before the sun sets, our camp is ready, the temperature drops quickly, a last chat next to the bonfire and soon its time to get into our sleeping bags.



Day 3

That morning the temperature is quite low and the sky is cloudy. After a quick coffee, we start again our journey to a new destination. Today our schedule is a bit more demanding. We keep walking to the heart of the Mercantour National Park. Wilderness is all around us and we haven’t yet met anyone. In the deep of the valley, we hear a moose calling, we are right now in the middle of the mating season. In the boundaries of the park its forbidden to start any fire. This area is fully protected. Nevertheless with Forestia in our backpacks, that’s not a worry. We can enjoy warm food outdoors very easily and without starting any fire. Today its really cold and we do really appreciate to eat warm food. We set camp by the Allos Lake, a place that despite  I know very well, its wild beauty amazes me any time that I come around. This noon we will eat Mushroom and Salmon Risotto and  Lentil Curry. Briefly the sun shines across the clouds and we chill out for a little while. Staying by the lake, a fisherman arrives and we witness a considerable feat: a trout of more than 60 cms! This inspire us for future adventures. We spend the afternoon trekking by the lake and finally ascending to Col de l’Encombrette where we enjoy a fantastic view over the lake. It’s time to return. , its getting colder and we can see how the snow falls in the peak of Mount Pelat. We find our car on our way back. This adventure increases our urge of discovery in this territory so beautiful and we come back with our minds full of outstanding memories.


b.1985, lives and works in south of France.

I graduated from graphic design, but I spend my time between my work as a graphic designer and my passion for photography. I find my inspiration in several and different cultural areas such as art, wilderness, and literature plays a key role in the directions i open, or just follow. In particular “nature writing movement” influence my research works on nature. I ask my self about the place of humans in nature and the way they evolves from time to time.

@arnaudteicher on Instagram

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