Hiking trails near me: 5 apps for discovering them

Have you ever thought “I would like to discover hiking trails near me, easily and just with an app on my phone”? If you love hiking, we are sure that you have wondered this before. And that is the main reason why we have made this compilation

From now on, you will not need to google “hiking trails near me” and waste your time, because you will have the right app on your phone.

Alltrails: Hiking, running and biking trails

AllTrails is one of the best outdoor apps. It allows you to find hiking trails near you, but beyond this, this app also lets you meet other hikers in case you do not have a partner, what are you waiting to install this app and start searching the best trails?

hiking trails near me

Another interesting AllTrails feature is that you can get all the directions to get to your destination easily, with no need of your PC, and accessing to more than 50,000 trail maps. For these reasons, as you will see, this app is the perfect tool to find hiking trails near you.

Traillink: another app to discover hiking trails near you

We continue our app compilation that will let you stop googleing “hiking trails near me”, because we are sure that apps like these can satisfy all of your needs.

Our second proposal is TrailLink, an app that will let you find trails near you, and much more… It has also some options to upload photos and reviews of your trails, with all the community, so before doing a trail you can read the reviews of other adventurers.
apps trail and hiking

In addition to the above, you can also have access to the trail maps when you are offline. You just have to download them. And if, at any stage, you enter to the desktop version and you like a hiking trail near you, you can add it to your favorites and you will see them in the app.

Map my hike: GPS Hiking Tracker and Trail Finder

Map my Hike is more than just an app to discover new and amazing hiking trails near you… It is a social network that joins 40 million people that share the same interest: hiking.

It does not matter if you are a new starter, there is a place for you on their community. You can see the goals that other people have reached and try to achieve them. You can also compete with other athletes. This is a sustained challenge that will let you exceed yourself.

But notice that some features are only for premium users. The cost of the monthly subscription is 5,99 USD and the yearly subscription cost is 29,99 USD.

Enjoy finding hiking trails near you, and many other features with the Map my Hike app.

Viewranger cycling & Hiking trail & OS Maps

ViewRanger is other of the essential apps to explore hiking trails near you. It has a beautiful interface, and a rating of almost 5 stars in the iOS app store, what is an indicator of the users’ satisfaction level. It is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad and also with the Apple Watch. ViewRanger is free, but it has some in-app purchases that you will discover.

The main purpose of the app is helping you to find inspiring hiking trails near you. They are selected by ViewRanger experts, but you can also see the ones that other users have shared. The app also offers you offline access to the maps, because they can be stored on your phone.

Moreover, if you are using an Apple Watch you can use the app on it and later sync it with the Apple Health app to get lot of interesting details about your activity, heart rate, etc.

Yonder, Outdoor Adventures: Our last suggestion to find hiking trails near you

Yonder is the last app that we suggest you the perfect trail. They say on their website: “No one likes to miss an opportunity to do something great”. Could this happen to you? Maybe. So you should try Yonder in order to search a hiking trail near you.

app hike

Another of the app purposes is giving you the feedback and opinion of other hikers that had previously adventures on the places where you are thinking to do a trail.

Yonder is totally free and it is available for Android and iOS. If you feel you are having lack of imagination, this app is for you!

We hope that this collection of apps is what you were looking for. AllTrail, TrailLink, Map my Hike, ViewRanger and Yonder. 5 apps, with the same purpose (find incredible hiking trails near you), but with specific features that make them different from each other. We suggest you to test them on your next trails and choose your favorite one. We invite you to share your final choice with us.

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