Essential camping gear for beginners

Summer is coming and that means that soon that travel you are dreaming with for a long time is just around the corner. There are many different kinds of holidays, for us, nature lovers camping is the best option for sure.

If you haven´t go on camping yet, there many questions that comes to your mind. Would I like the experience? Will I have problems? Could I sleep on a bad? Nobody can give you the answer to these questions but for sure if you don´t try it you will never discover the answer.

If you are totally beginner on camping don´t worry, through this article you will make a review of the essential camping gears you will need. Don´t forget to check the hole list before going on holidays!


Indispensable camping Gear


A tent: Sounds stupid how to go on camping without a tent but you will realize that a good shelter to protect you from dry or warm will be indispensable. But a tent is much more than that the tent will be your home during the travel a place to feel comfortable and regain energies.

Stakes: Imagen yourself in the middle of nowhere a hurricane appears and you just have your tent? What could happen? We just joking but is necessary to fix the tent. We also recommend to pick tarps to protect you from humidity of the grass.

Sleeping bag: The most important thing to enjoy a holiday is to have enough energy and don´t be tired to explore as much as possible. For this reason, a sleeping bag becomes an indispensable camping gear.

Flashing and headlamps: Both will be necessary to enjoy night time

Food:  Right, the food is not strictly necessary if you have notions of advanced hunting but, if not we extremely recommend you to pick prepared food that don´t need fire to be warmed up. And of course, don´t forget to bring enough water for the hole travel. Remember than you will consume more food and water than usually.

Sunscreen: If you go to high mountain you should never forget that the effect of the sun is much greater.


Important Camping Gear


Table and chair: Seems obvious you could live eating on the floor but it is clear that is more comfortable to have a place to rest your back and a place to support the food.

Boots: Just like we do not wear the same shoes to go to the scalar to dance, if you are going to go hiking you will require the use of boots.

Clap-Knife: A clap-knife will be indispensable for many things such as cut strings or peel the food.

Poles: If you are going on hiking, poles may be indispensable, they will help you on your routes at the same time that will help you on the difficult routes, besides helping you to save energy.

Medicines: If you are not used to go on hiking, your body is not used to go on route, in camping trips the efforts can take a toll so it will be advisable to bring some kind of anti-inflammatory or pills for general malaise.

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