Essential camping gear for beginners

Summer is coming and that means that soon that travel you are dreaming with for a long time is just around the corner. There are many different kinds of holidays, for us, nature lovers camping is the best option for sure.

If you haven´t go on camping yet, there many questions that comes to your mind. Would I like the experience? Will I have problems? Could I sleep on a bad? Nobody can give you the answer to these questions but for sure if you don´t try it you will never discover the answer. Continue reading “Essential camping gear for beginners”

13 motivational songs for running

Since the mp3s were born more than ten years ago, humans take music everywhere: on the street, in the car, while thee are at home … and especially when we play sports. Listening to songs while performing some physical activity has become almost an essential requirement to achieve the necessary motivation and achieve our highest performance. Continue reading “13 motivational songs for running”

8 amazing nature photographers you need to follow on instagram

The number of profiles related to nature is growing day by day and it is increasingly difficult to find the profiles we are looking for. That makes us very happy, but it also generates a problem, what profiles should I follow?

That is why in Forestia we have decided to recommend you the 8 profiles of nature photographers that we have recently discovered, some of them have a lot of experience and are well known, others not so much but their images are equally incredible, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Continue reading “8 amazing nature photographers you need to follow on instagram”

Best Europe’s walking routes for beginners

Hiking or trekking is one of the most stimulating activities, since it let us to become in contact with nature at the same time that we do physical exercise. If you are one of us, in this post you will find out 5 fantastic walking routes to do in Europe: Continue reading “Best Europe’s walking routes for beginners”

5 reasons why sailing around the world can make you feel better

Every once in a while, we feel the need to embark ourselves in some wild adventure. Sailing around the world can be the kind of lifechanging experience that you’ve been looking for. Here are 5 solid reasons that will make you want to reconsider your next holidays.

Continue reading “5 reasons why sailing around the world can make you feel better”