Bike hike adventures, a new way to enjoy your holidays

Nowadays is common to select nature places to spend your holidays. But not many people take account on the possibility to enjoy that opportunity through a bike hike. As Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes character creator) said: “When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking”. That´s exactly what we want to present you through this article.

Programme your holidays with your bike is a trend which grow as giant strides, people usually called this kind of holidays as Green Tourism, but what does this mean?

Green Tourism is Sustainable Tourism – tourism which takes into account the needs of the environment, local residents, businesses, and visitors; now and in the future. It is relevant to any tourism business, large or small, rural or urban, whether focused on ecotourism, business tourism or any other tourism niche market. Green tourism businesses are those actively engaged in reducing the negative environmental and social impacts of their tourism operations.

Advantages of bike hike

  • A bike hike do not follow busy roads, they usually reached to towns or cities by rural roads, many times trough dirt roads. Just hike and bike can show you this kind of ways, any other travel mode gives you the wonderful feeling of freedom that pedal for rural roads and dirt’s roads while you watching amazing views.
  • Physical effort has it reward. Maybe because of the effort that implicate a bike hike, this type of adventure stay stored in the memory, due to the incredible emotions that are generated during the trips.
  • Without any doubt one of the best advantages about a bike hike is the autonomy that a bike offers you on your trip. The bike makes possible the possibility to improvise along the way, change your destiny. Apart from that you could also look closely natural and urban sites along ways and rural roads. And perhaps the most important thing, a bike hike allows you to connect directly with people, the cultural heritage of the place where you are.
  • As everybody knows bike is a very economic means of transport. It doesn’t need fuel to work, the “fuel” is provided by the cyclist witch is a considerable health benefit.

In short, a bike travel is an excellent way to travel, which does not have the least negative environmental impact, since it does not generate fumes or produce noises. But the most remarkable thing is the contact with the places and their people; A very different relationship is established than with conventional tourism, reaching a much deeper link with the people and places visited.

Advice to your bike hike

  •  Take Care: If you don´t usually go by bike don´t try to make 100 kilometres every day. Enjoy the environment and views, a travel by bike offers you this unique possibility.
  • Learn the basic vocabulary of the country: Bikers are usually people with open mind, so if you want to enjoy the possibility to make new friends and colleagues for the trip, try to learn as much words as you can to communicate with them.
  • Don´t be afraid to ask someone: Most of the adventurers need help on their trips. Don´t be afraid to ask someone how to arrive to the hostel / shelter or whatever.
  • Disconect Gatgets and enjoy nature: When you travel by bike you have the best opportunity to be part of the nature, to discover the best views, to feel the wind, etc. Don´t lose your time with social network or GPS, just dive into the landscape and enjoy the experience.
  • Take a rest: Don´t forget that a bike hike is a way to enjoy, take your time during the hike to recover energies, eat energy bars or whatever you need.  
  • Mix activities: Not everything is ride your bike, maybe one day you would like just to make a hike or visit a town.
  • Take care with falls: A bad fall can ruin your holidays, remember a bike hike is a way to relax feel the nature you take care with falls and just enjoy.
  • Protect yourself from the sun: The sun is not a joke and specially when you are in the mountain, where the effects are higher. Don´t forget the protection for the trip.
  • Taste the traditional food: Traveling by bike is a great option to taste traditional food of the place where you are. Open your mind and explore new taste.
  • Enjoy this is not a competition: For sure the best advice we can give you is to forget competitions; a bike hike holidays consist on enjoy the nature as much as you can. Stop on every river, mountain, river or whatever, don´t be afraid to explore every corner, because nature will provide you with the most amazing views you can imagine.


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