A camp idea

With a clear motto of choosing our dreams and learn to know our surroundings with an open heart and brave spirit from Forestia we had always defended our philosophy Nature is the best place to eat. Today we want to offer our support for a special project with which we feel really identified.

This project is called “A camp idea”, there are two adventurer’s lovers behind this project, Luc and Léo, the first one is the editor and the second one the art director. In January 2017, they started the contacts with adventurers of a wide number of disciplines; climbers, surfers, hikers, alpinists, riders, photographers, engineers, entrepreneurs to collect a maximum of exciting experiences around camping to deliver a great collection of camp ideas.

As they say, from the very beginning they appeared important to them that we should pay nature back to its preservation. And that´s why they decided to make real this book.

The book opens a window on the aesthetic of the camp, in its visual treatment and through interviews, camp stories, essays as well. A camp idea is full of dynamic and positive contributors.

This beautiful project today is pretty close to be a reality, so that´s why we want to mobilize all outdoors enthusiasts to make real this dream and let Léo and Luc make their project a reality, return nature a part of what she gives us. If you want to help them you just have to visit this website: , learn much more about it and collaborate with everything you can.

From Forestia we want to show our strong support for this great project and wish them all the luck in the world.


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