8 amazing nature photographers you need to follow on instagram

The number of profiles related to nature is growing day by day and it is increasingly difficult to find the profiles we are looking for. That makes us very happy, but it also generates a problem, what profiles should I follow?

That is why in Forestia we have decided to recommend you the 8 profiles of nature photographers that we have recently discovered, some of them have a lot of experience and are well known, others not so much but their images are equally incredible, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.



Simone Bramante defines himself as a man, a father and a photographer based in Italy  who has work in 6 different continents. He is also known as ‘Brahmino’, the first Italian photographer on Instagram (@brahmino), with more than 800 thousand followers. He has won 3 awards: Vogue US, Forbes; Huffington Post, Chicago; Tribune, Repubblica, Wired. He specializes his works in landscape photographs, capturing the magic of the moment, if you want to see more about him go to his website:


Chris Burkard is an accomplished explorer, photographer, creative director, speaker and author. His life is a constant travel around the Earth, Burkard works to capture stories that inspire humans to consider their relationship with nature, while promoting the preservation of wild places everywhere. Surrounded by outdoor themes, travel, adventure, surfing and lifestyle, is known for its images marked by powerful and indomitable landscapes. His website is


Ian Finch, is a former Commander of the Royal Navy. Currently is an expedition photographer, nature guide and adventure journalist, who has traveled passionately to remote environments for more than 4 years. His goal is to lead expeditions in unknown corners of the world to understand the beauty and depth of the traditions of indigenous cultures. Some of his expeditions or photography have appeared in Sidetracked Magazine, The Telegraph, The Standard, Men’s Health, The Great Outdoors Magazine and The Adventure Travel Show, London. He has also directed and participated in cultural expeditions to Alaska, Greenland, Tibet, Canada, Iceland, Nepal, China and northern Norway. His raw passion for life is driven by creative discovery: in adventure, the mechanics of nature and human travel. If you want to know more about him this is his website:


Jodi is an Australian photographer who resides at the upper end of the Northern Territory. Surrounded by stunning landscapes such as those of Kakadu, Litchfield, Katherine and Kimberley.

What this great photographer tries to achieve is to create and share what this world has saved for her and offer us those beautiful captures. You can visit her website if you want to know more about her


Paco Farero is a photographer and co-creator of a photography teaching project called Nightcolours, in this project,  Paco have trained more than 2,500 students, congresses and photographic trips throughout Spain, Iceland and soon in New York and Norway. He has worked for companies such as Movistar, Samsung, Huawei, Canon Europe, Minube, and currently works as a photographer with Canon Spain. Find out more him at and


Tristan Bogaard is a photographer from the Netherlands who is dedicated to documenting his cycling routes in Europe. He has a Youtube channel that is necessary to visit: where he uploads videos of the different countries he visits, gives advice on cycling and so on.

On his website,, you can see more of his works and you could also appreciate that he has collaborated with brands such as BioTherm or Moment, specialist in lenses and camera accessories.


Moreno Geremetta is an Italian photographer who has been working in the ClickAlps photography agency since 2013. He is also a member of the Fondazione Dolomiti UNESCO since 2017.

His greatest passion is to take photograph of the mountains. At his website you can find some of his most famous works, as well as prizes and projects in which he has been involved.

• The dream • Perhaps one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Dolomites. I chose this picture to welcome spring! . . • Il sogno • Forse uno dei più bei paesaggi delle Dolomiti. Ho scelto questa fotografia per dare il benvenuto alla primavera! . . . © Moreno Geremetta . . #MoodyGrams #MoodyPorts #roamtheplanet #FolkGood #OurPlanetDaily #earth_shotz #moods_in_frame #depthsofearth #versatile_photo_ #eclectic_shotz #staysndwander #roamearth #wildernessculture #europestyle_ #earthoutdoors #igerslandscape #zamanidurdur #worldtravelscapes #milliondollarvisuals #royalsnappingartists #infamous_family #rsa_main #folkgreen #igworld_global #FollowToSeeTheWorld #clickalps #igbelluno #visitveneto #venetissimo #MDPfeature

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This professional photographer from Turkey makes heavy use of filters, but you can see the end result for yourself. Landscape shots intersperse with shots of city skylines and architectural landmarks. I couldn’t find much about him as his personal blog was down, but he is all over the web in all the poplar hotspots for photos, from Facebook and Pinterest to 500px.

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