The 6 most amazing hiking trails in the UK

Are you looking for amazing hiking trails in the UK? On the Internet you will find many trails to do in the United Kingdom, but here you have only 6 of the best ones. Do not miss the chance to have a look at the trails in the UK that our Forestia team has chosen for you.

Lizard peninsula (Cornwall)

One of our favorite amazing hiking trails in the UK is Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall. It is the most southerly point of the British mainland and one of the most incredible coastlines that you will see. It has an extensive area (23 km x 23 km).

Surprisingly, and instead of its name, it has no lizards! But well… It is not a problem, because it has beautiful rugged caves, many subtropical plants, an awesome sea, and many more details that you will enjoy at this amazing hiking trail in UK that we absolutely recommend to you.

amazing hiking trails in the UK

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For a long time, it has been called “Graveyard of Ships”, because the Lizard’s coast was really dangerous for boats.

Wester Ross (Scottish highlands)

Have you ever heard about Wester Ross? It is an amazing hiking trail in UK, and here you will find the peaks of Torridon, called Beinn Eighe and Liathach, from which you have views to the Cuillin of Skye and the Outer Hebrides. These peaks are one of the most beautiful sceneries that can be found, not only in the UK, but in Europe.

hiking trail in the UK

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It is perfect for climbers, but also for people who love going for a walk near the sea. So this is a good option for those who are looking an amazing hiking trail in the UK. We think that it is really worthwhile.

Wester Ross is also well known by songs as Letter from America (The Proclaimers) or for having appeared in films as Stardust or The Eagle of the Ninth. Did you notice it?

Helvellyn (Lake district)

If you are planning to do a trail in UK, Helvellyn, a mountain located in Lake District, is a great opportunity. It is the third highest point in England. The rocks that you currently can see were carved by glaciers during the last ice age.

It offers several ways to climb up to the top. This trail is very famous because it has been travelled by the poet William Wordsworh. We can assure you that the effort well deserves it.

UK amazing hiking trail

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Are you planning to do this amazing hiking trail in the UK? If so, we encourage you to enjoy the sunset at Helvellyn. It is amazing.

Shout downs way

South Downs Way, as its names suggests, is a path that joins Winchester with Eastbourne. It is 100 miles (161 km) long and it offers you a beautiful wildlife, with loads of prehistoric villages.

By the way, during this amazing hiking trail in the UK, you can enjoy the incredible cliffs of Beachy Head which are vertiginous. The South Downs Way woodlands are perfect for hiking, but also for horse-riding or cycling.

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Curiously, this path has been traversed for the last 8,000 years. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular and amazing hiking trails in the UK. As it is a very long path, you will find many hostels where to be accommodated, so you do not have to worry about it.

Stanage edge (Peak district)

Stanage Edge is a four miles area cliff, with an elevation of 458 m, located in the Peak District (England), and due to its beauty it also deserves to be in our list of the most amazing hiking trails in the UK.

And what can you find at Stanage Edge that makes it so beauty? There are historic buldings, the remains of a Long Causeway Roman road, a famous cave known as Robin Hood’s Cave and lot of abandoned millstones. After telling you all this we are pretty sure that you would like to visit it.

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It does not matter if you are looking for amazing hiking trails in the UK or a beautiful route for running or climbing.

We could say with no doubt that Stanage Edge is one of the most important parts of the British culture. A trail that from Forestia we really encourage you to do.

Seven sisters (East sussex)

Seven Sisters is a 22,2 km, coastal path. Here you will find one of the most beautiful cliffs and also an amazing hiking trail in the UK. As its name suggests, there are seven hills, and there are also hilltops, as Rough Brow and Brass Point.

Beachy Head is located in Seven Sisters, and with its 162 m. high is the tallest cliff in Britain. If you are planning to do this trail, make sure you do not come close to the cliff edge, because it could be really dangerous.

Maybe you had already seen Seven Sisters and Beachy Head, because they have appeared in some films and TV productions, as the Robin Hood movie. And a picture taken at Seven Sisters was also one of the official Windows 7 wallpapers.


At Forestia, we have gladly compiled the 6 most amazing hiking trails in the UK, so you can get inspired. We hope you liked it. Which one are you choosing for your next trail? Do not forget to comment and share your thoughts with us. And if you are exploring a different option, likewise, feel free to tell us.



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