5 mountain biking tours in Andalusia

Do you love doing a hike with your mountain bike? If so, we would like to suggest you some of the greatest tours that you will find in Andalusia (Spain) to do a hike by bike. In fact, Andalusia has some of the world’s best trails for that.

Breathing pure air and listen to the nature, while riding your bike, it is amazing. But it can even be more if you have the greatest of the landscapes. That is why we have chosen 5 top tours in Andalusia in which you should do a hike by bike.

Setenil: “Los bandoleros” route

Setenil is a beautiful village, located in the northeast of Cádiz, and with enigmatic origins. Behind “Los bandoleros” route there is a legend that is associated with bandits, as its name suggests.

This is a very interesting route to do a hike by bike, due to the beauty of its landscape, its wild life or the country houses. There are two start points, from the Ventosilla Baja street or (the easiest path) starting from El Almendral school.

The length of this route is 11 km and the hardest part starts once you arrive to the 8th km. It will take you around 4 hours.


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Transandalus, one of the best hikes by bike in Spain

Transandalus is an amazing route that can be done in Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga and Sevilla. It is one of the bikers’ favorite paths in Spain. And it is not strange, because it includes beautiful beaches, mountains and forests.

The length of the path Almería-Granada is really long, even for a hike by bike, 347,6 km, and it is divided in 12 stretch, so you can decide to do only some of them.

This route starts in Láujar de Andarax and it finishes in Sierra de Gádar, near the sea of Almería. Later, you can cover the Cabo de Gata Natural Park and the beaches of San José. Finally, you can enjoy beautiful places as Rodalquilar, Agua Amarga, Sorbas, Serón (better known as “the ham’s land”) and Baza.

Hike bike in Andalucia

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Transnevada, enjoying the Sierra Nevada National Park

A perfect choice if you are looking for a hike by bike in Andalusia in winter, is the Transnevada route. But take into account that it is also a long route (450 km) and it can take you 8-15 days to complete it.


Hike bike in Sierra Nevada


If you are a real adventurer, and you want to enjoy of the incredible and indigenous biodiversity of Sierra Nevada, and its culture and environment, this is also a great choice. Doing this hike by bike is the perfect opportunity to be in touch with mountains and to live an adventure. Do not miss it!

Sevilla, a hike by bike that will impress you

Sevilla is one of those cities that you can not die before haven seen them. But, if you love biking, it will be better to cycle it than walking it, not?

So, from Forestia, we suggest you the Sevilla TransAndalus route. You will enjoy of the Sierra Norte Natural Park, Riviera del Huéznar, valle del Viar, dehesa de Upa and the Riviera del Cala.

During the path, why not to pedal light and enjoy the landscape? It is a great opportunity. It is around 270 km and it can be divided in 7 stretch. You will need lot of energy to complete it, so do not forget to count on the right food that will let you keep pace.


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