The 5 best treks in Europe

Are you thinking about walking around Europe and looking for an amazing trek to do? Then, get relaxed and read carefully this post because we are collecting some amazing treks that will make you enjoy nature as never before. At the end of the post, your only doubt will be which one to choose, because you will want doing all them.

But, take into account that (only) for some of them you will need a good preparation. So, before beginning your adventure, remember to practice a lot. Neither forget to possess everything you need for your trek: comfortable clothes (ready to support the high or low temperatures that you will face) as a bag that you will take with you on your back with basic things as water or food. You can take your own food or choose some of your favorite Forestia pouches, that are easy to take everywhere and have a self-heating system.

Are you ready to discover incredible places?

Hardangervidda Transverse, Norway

best treks in europe

As it own name says, it can be a “danger” to cross the Hardangervidda Plateau, but it will also be a beautiful challenge for people who love extreme adventures. And we also have some good news for the least experienced people, because there are some options that are not so difficult for this trek, one of the most exciting that you will find in Europe.

This trek presents incredible huts apart from the amazing views. A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Can you imagine yourself enjoying of this transverse with your mate and friends or eating on nature with this background? If you have between 7 to 12 days it will be a great opportunity choosing the Hardangervidda Transverse.

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GR20, France

GR20 is a fantastic trek that you can do without leaving Europe. In fact, it´s one of the most beautiful mountain trails that you will find in our continent. This route is thought to be done for 15 days, because it traverses Corsica from north to south and is 168 km. length. For this reason, it will be a good option having on hand some snacks for recharging your energy. For instance, at Forestia we have three types of energy bar that have been made with this purpose and that are delicious.

If you decide doing this trek, you will enjoy first person some amazing landscapes, including glacial lakes, forests or granite moonscapes. But take it into account: due to its rocky area, and that some of them can be slippery, it´s pretty important to be careful. If you have not enough experience, maybe you will prefer the southern part of the route (from Vizzavona to Conca), because it´s easier and will avoid you this part. That said, the southern part it´s not so incredible as the northern (from Calenzana to Vizzavona).

trek routes france

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Cinque Terre Coastal Trail, Italy

Are you looking for a quick hike? Continuing with our proposal of the 5 best treks that you will find in Europe, it´s time now for Cinque Terre Coastal Trail at Italy. It has a really special charm, maybe because it encloses five beautiful towns as Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso, which are considered UNESCO world heritage.

Another good new is that it only takes around 6 hours by walking to cover the trek and it´s only 11 km. Our advice is clear: Take it with time. If you need two days to cover it taking your time to enjoy the landscape and the beautiful views, don´t hesitate. And take also advantage of the occasion to taste some Italian food if you haven´t done it before. It´s amazing.

But if you prefer completing the route faster without renouncing to the Italian food, Forestia offers you some Italian meal with self-heating system, as the fusilli all-uovo with chicken Bolognese and grana padano or the veggie meatballs with pasta.

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The Haute Route, France-Switzerland

Another route that you can choose, that goes from France to Switzerland, it´s The Haute Route. As the GR20 route, it will take you around two weeks to complete it. It´s one of the best treks around the Alps (Europe). It will be different depending on the time of the year in which you do it (summer/winter). Your physical condition must be good enough for passing it successfully.

The Haute Route can be taken on foot or by ski touring. It started as a summer mountaineering route and it has hugh portions of glacier travel, so you will need to have a mountaineering gear and experience. If you do it in the winter, you will require a ski touring gear and some other special protections.

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Hot Spring Route, Iceland

And finally, there´s another trek very highlighted in Europe and without which we couldn´t finish this post, and it´s the Hot Springs Route (also known as Laugavegur). In contrast to some previous routes of almost two weeks of duration, this will only take you 2 to 4 days to complete it. If it´s very short for you, you can combine it with the Fimmvörðuháls trek, so it would take you around 4-6 days to finish it.

The difficulty rating for this route is easy. The trek finishes in a geothermal river that´s absolutely amazing. Having there a bathe once you finish your route is almost a miracle. You will be surrounded of a beautiful Icelanding landscape that´s worth to watch it. But if you need something else that pushes you to do this route, we think that with the next image will be enough.

trek in iceland

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We hope you have enjoyed as much as we did giving an overview to this 5 best treks in Europe. Which one will you choose for your next holidays or weekend getaway? Is there any of them with which you don’t dare? Tell us in the comments!

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