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Date # April 30, 2018
Essential camping gear for beginners

Summer is coming and that means that soon that travel you are dreaming with for a long time is just around the corner. There are many different kinds of holidays, for us, nature lovers camping is the best option for sure.

If you haven´t go on camping yet, there many questions that comes to your mind. Would I like the experience? Will I have problems? Could I sleep on a bad? Nobody can give you the answer to these questions but for sure if you don´t try it you will never discover the answer. Continue reading

Date # April 19, 2018
13 motivational songs for running

Since the mp3s were born more than ten years ago, humans take music everywhere: on the street, in the car, while thee are at home … and especially when we play sports. Listening to songs while performing some physical activity has become almost an essential requirement to achieve the necessary motivation and achieve our highest performance. Continue reading

Date # March 28, 2018
8 amazing nature photographers you need to follow on instagram

The number of profiles related to nature is growing day by day and it is increasingly difficult to find the profiles we are looking for. That makes us very happy, but it also generates a problem, what profiles should I follow?

That is why in Forestia we have decided to recommend you the 8 profiles of nature photographers that we have recently discovered, some of them have a lot of experience and are well known, others not so much but their images are equally incredible, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Continue reading

Date # March 22, 2018
Best Europe’s walking routes for beginners

Hiking or trekking is one of the most stimulating activities, since it let us to become in contact with nature at the same time that we do physical exercise. If you are one of us, in this post you will find out 5 fantastic walking routes to do in Europe: Continue reading

Date # February 14, 2018
5 reasons why sailing around the world can make you feel better

Every once in a while, we feel the need to embark ourselves in some wild adventure. Sailing around the world can be the kind of lifechanging experience that you’ve been looking for. Here are 5 solid reasons that will make you want to reconsider your next holidays.

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Date # February 8, 2018
10 essential tips for beginner hikers

Nature is for everyone, including beginner hikers. A simple walk in the park or along the streets is one thing, but immersing yourself into an adventurous trip outdoors is another. In this article you’ll find some very useful tips that you can use as a guide to the art of hike, so after you’ve read them you can start getting ready for hiking as fast as possible.

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Date # February 2, 2018
6 of the World’s best destinations for sailing holidays

Enjoy the last ray of a sunset in the cabin of a sailboat, looking at its reflection in the water, is something magical, unique. This is something that you can only get from your yacht, either by the rolling, the sound of the water hitting the hull, the freedom to go where you want or the maximum privacy offered by the sail, it is a unique special experience that catch.

May be these are some of the reasons that makes that nowadays more and more families take thin kind of options to go on holidays. We want to present you some of the most beautiful place to go on sailing holidays.

  Continue reading

Date # January 16, 2018
Self-heating: the flameless ration heater to enjoy outdoors

Today we’re going to introduce you to self-heating food: the best option for enjoying healthy meals outside.

Whenever we are getting ready to spend some time outdoors, there’s always this one main issue: what can you bring? Which is the best option when it comes to eat outdoors? Despite what you’ve always believed, outdoor meals can be really tasty and nutritious too. You don’t have to limit yourself to savourless snacks when it comes to doing your beloved outdoor activities: self-heating food is the ultimate solution for nature lovers. Continue reading

Date # December 21, 2017
Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18

The Volvo Ocean Race is considered as one of the toughest sports competitions in the world. It has been celebrated since 1973 and it is a marine challenge, a struggle between a ship and its men against the sea and its inclemency.

In this year’s edition, the seven teams will have to navigate more than 45,000 nautical miles. (this 45,000nm, will be the longest course in the history of the race (previous longest racecourse was 39,270 in 2011-12), which will be developed through 4 different oceans and 6 continents. Continue reading

Date # November 22, 2017
10 benefits of the nature walks

Do you like to surf? Or do you enjoy sailing? If you usually practice an active sport such as cycling, mountain biking, or if you enjoy working out whenever you find spare time for yourself… have you ever thought about doing something more relaxing like nature walks? It could be a perfect match for your actual sportive routine, or you could just turn hiking into your main sporty activity. In Forestia we think that surrounding yourself with natural beauty has lots of benefits, and we have a brief list of the best reasons to start doing nature walks:

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Date # November 15, 2017
7 great walking routes in Europe

Did you know that walking routes, besides being an excellent sportive activity, can be a great way to explore the world? Europe, as the oldest continent, is not only rich in historical events and places. It also happens to be a great place for hiking lovers across the world. If you enjoy spending your spare time outdoors, if you like to go searching for adventures, or if you’re thinking about where will you spend your next active holidays, here’s a list of some of the best places to hike inside Europe.

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Date # October 23, 2017
Forestia Adventure draw

We have launched a draw through our social networks. The prize consists of the food and accessories needed to spend two days in nature. Do you want to participate? You just have to give a Like in the publications of our social networks (Facebook or Instagram) and send a commentary tagging the person with whom you’d like to go with and the place.

The draw will take place between Monday 23rd and Sunday 29th October, only citizens from the European Union will be able to participate. Don’t waste your time and start enjoying nature with Forestia!

Date # October 13, 2017
A camp idea

With a clear motto of choosing our dreams and learn to know our surroundings with an open heart and brave spirit from Forestia we had always defended our philosophy Nature is the best place to eat. Today we want to offer our support for a special project with which we feel really identified. Continue reading

Date # September 26, 2017
10 women profiles you should follow on instagram in 2017

Nowadays more and more people are been attracted for the charm of nature. This makes the number of profiles related with nature grow day by day and it is increasingly difficult to find the profiles we are looking for. That is why from Forestia we have decided to make this recommendation of 10 profiles that have captivated us for different reasons. This time we have decided to include only women, we hope you will enjoy it.
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Date # September 12, 2017
All you need to know before choosing your adventure food

During a hike and especially in high mountain, a person can consume until 8,000 kcal. per day. This means that our organism needs energy (food) to ensure the success of the journey and enjoy one of the best pleasures of life: nature.

It is noteworthy that although it is very important to eat the days of route, is more important to get prepared the body the previous days for the peak of energy consumption it supposed. With this I mean that it is very important to prepare the body the previous days ingesting more kcal. that which are usually eaten any other day. Continue reading

Date # August 16, 2017
Bike hike adventures, a new way to enjoy your holidays

Nowadays is common to select nature places to spend your holidays. But not many people take account on the possibility to enjoy that opportunity through a bike hike. As Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes character creator) said: “When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking”. That´s exactly what we want to present you through this article. Continue reading

Date # August 7, 2017
5 outdoor equipment to enjoy your trail

Looking for outdoor gear to get lost with? We’ve researched the best outdoor equipment to help make any excursion more enjoyable. Throw this guide you could discover witch are the top 5 outdoor equipment you can’t forget on your next adventure. Continue reading

Date # July 20, 2017
10 healthy trail mix recipe for outdoor activities

Some time ago it was hard to find some trail mix recipe beyond the typical mix of raising, peanuts and nuts. Fortunately, nowadays is much easier to find different mixture which is able to provide us with all the nutritional properties that are needed when we are doing some strenuous activity, as hiking, biking, running or just doing outdoor plans. Continue reading

Date # July 11, 2017
What kind of things should I have in account for my expedition foods?

When you are preparing a hiking route, you need to have in account a sort of things, no matter which is your level or which route are you planning to start, there is always the same difficulties for the hikers. No doubt, expedition foods are always one of the most necessary issues that need to be faced for our excursions, but it also needs to be treated in a proper way.

These are some advises you need to take into account if you are planning an outdoor activity that means to eat outside for long periods:

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Date # June 27, 2017
Switzerland hiking trail: 5 hiking suggestions

Switzerland hiking trail are knowing all over the world, breathing pure air and listen to the nature are some of the profits you can enjoy through the Swiss hiking routes, Forestia team had select for you the 5 best hiking trails: we have prepared different routes for all preparations levels. Thought this 5 hiking’s suggestions, you could enjoy the real face of the nature.

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Date # June 12, 2017
5 foods tips for hiking and trail

Are you planning to hike or doing a trail and you don’t know which food you should bring with you? Don’t worry! we made a compilation of the best food tips for hiking and doing a trail for you, because doing a route requires more than a bottle of water and a few energy bars.

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Date # June 8, 2017
The 6 most amazing hiking trails in the UK

Are you looking for amazing hiking trails in the UK? On the Internet you will find many trails to do in the United Kingdom, but here you have only 6 of the best ones. Do not miss the chance to have a look at the trails in the UK that our Forestia team has chosen for you.

Lizard peninsula (Cornwall)

One of our favorite amazing hiking trails in the UK is Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall. It is the most southerly point of the British mainland and one of the most incredible coastlines that you will see. It has an extensive area (23 km x 23 km).

Surprisingly, and instead of its name, it has no lizards! But well… It is not a problem, because it has beautiful rugged caves, many subtropical plants, an awesome sea, and many more details that you will enjoy at this amazing hiking trail in UK that we absolutely recommend to you.

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Date # June 6, 2017
5 mountain biking tours in Andalusia

Do you love doing a hike with your mountain bike? If so, we would like to suggest you some of the greatest tours that you will find in Andalusia (Spain) to do a hike by bike. In fact, Andalusia has some of the world’s best trails for that.

Breathing pure air and listen to the nature, while riding your bike, it is amazing. But it can even be more if you have the greatest of the landscapes. That is why we have chosen 5 top tours in Andalusia in which you should do a hike by bike.

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Date # May 30, 2017
Hiking trails near me: 5 apps for discovering them

Have you ever thought “I would like to discover hiking trails near me, easily and just with an app on my phone”? If you love hiking, we are sure that you have wondered this before. And that is the main reason why we have made this compilation

From now on, you will not need to google “hiking trails near me” and waste your time, because you will have the right app on your phone.

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Date # May 26, 2017
The 5 best treks in Europe

Are you thinking about walking around Europe and looking for an amazing trek to do? Then, get relaxed and read carefully this post because we are collecting some amazing treks that will make you enjoy nature as never before. At the end of the post, your only doubt will be which one to choose, because you will want doing all them.

But, take into account that (only) for some of them you will need a good preparation. So, before beginning your adventure, remember to practice a lot. Neither forget to possess everything you need for your trek: comfortable clothes (ready to support the high or low temperatures that you will face) as a bag that you will take with you on your back with basic things as water or food. You can take your own food or choose some of your favorite Forestia pouches, that are easy to take everywhere and have a self-heating system.

Are you ready to discover incredible places?

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Date # April 8, 2017
Forestia heater tutorial

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