We offer our fine outdoor meals in three convenient formats, and we offer too practical accesories for outdoors

Forestia Pouch
Just the pouch. The meal inside is ready to be heated and tuck into with your spoon.

Ideal for those explorers, campers and hikers that carry their own equipment: heaters, utensils, cooking kits, etc...
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Forestia Meals
Our pouch accompanied by a handy self-heating system. Hot, tasty food without the need to light a fire or carry a camping stove.

Ideal for those explorers, campers and hikers that dont want to carry equipment such as stoves, fire-kits and cooking kits.
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Forestia nratual bars
Slow energy for your routes. Our energy bars are made of 100% organic ingredients, GMO and gluten free.

Perfect for hikers and climbers to get the fuel they need on their adventures in a low weight format.
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All Forestia meals are cooked and preserved for safe consumption 18 months after their manufacture.

Our meals have been designed to guarantee a proper calorie intake that covers your nutritional needs while you are outdoors.

Forestia is real food and our meals don’t need to be reconstituted with water. Just open, heat and enjoy!

Forestia strives to look for original and inspiring recipes from all over the world to offer you an exciting Forestia experience!

All our meals are free of trans fat, artificial preservatives or flavourings. Forestia is natural and natural is good.

All FORESTIA products are made under our Real-Food phylosophy which implies an absolute respect for the nature and whatever it provides to us. That ́s why we produce our meals without GMO, ensuring that you can enjoy the nature at its best.

Forestia includes in its range vegan and vegetarian recipes. One thing both have in common is a plant-based diet avoiding all animal foods such as meat (fish, shellfish and insects), dairy, eggs and honey.

Including enough fibre in our diets is primarily essential for healthy bowel function, but studies have also found that getting your Daily Reference Intake (DRI) can reduce the risks of certain health issues such as cancers, coronary heart disease and obesity.

FORESTIA Natural Energy Bars have been designed based on 100% organic farming products to acomplish with strictly EU regulations. Put simply, organic farming is an agricultural system that seeks to provide you, the consumer, with fresh, tasty and authentic food while respecting natural life-cycle systems.

FORESTIA Natural Energy Bars are designed for to suit a wide range of outdoor enthusiastics. Our bars can provide you with extra energy, easy to be eaten and with the certainty that you will enjoy peace of mind journeys with the best flavour.

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