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6000 km, 15 days with its 15 nights, winds of 110km / h, 3 days in a row raining on its side, snow that prevented us from going out one night, 16 below zero, and also 6 degrees above zero, a lot of ice on the road, auroras kp0 and on that same night kp5, amazing twilights, locations invaded by photographers, and some alone enjoying the green dance, baked cod and also Forestia’s Chicken Madras Pouch in the middle of nowhere.

It is very difficult to describe all of you what these days have been in Iceland, with the data above you can get an idea of ​​what this untamed land is, but it would have been a couple of days writing at least to tell you everything what happened.

During the first 9 days I was an Iceland photographic guide with a group, but with a very special group, because they are all friends, I know them for years, from other workshops, but also to be without any kind of commitment in between, something that makes me proud, because I can’t understand my work as a mere commercial exchange.

As usually, I try to provide an added value for every experience that is lived in this type of trip, as a coexistence experience. If you only want to learn photography, I don’t recommend you come to my trips. I give so much importance to have fun, to enjoy time in Nature and to know each other.

Apart from that,on this trip we did some extra activity, such as visiting an ice cave, although my impressions about it will be detailed in another post, in case it would help, but at least the usual visits are not worth it .

The main objective of this trip was to go around Iceland on the main road or Ring Road, in a clockwise direction, in a van equipped with winter wheels, since the roads are usually full of snow and especially ice. The planning in this type of trips is fundamental, to be clear about the locations, conditioned by the weather and the state of the roads, and this is done daily and several times, always looking for the best light to carry out the photographs we are looking for.

Another important aspect is the equipment and material to carry, being winter, my advice is to follow the rule of the 3 layers, a first with breathable thermal clothing, a second layer that gives us warmth, such as a fleece or a wool sweater, and finally a good coat, in my case I carry a feathers. Down similar, thermal pants, ski pants, and both above and below a waterproof layer, whether it comes with a coat and trousers or above, and for this the goretex is the best material.

I do not recommend going with many layers, it is preferable to spend more and buy good clothes because we will notice, in comfort and cold, I assure you. Boots also waterproof, mountain socks, a panty and a hat and gloves.

Fundamental carry razor, mops, silica to prevent condensation in our equipment, allen key, electrical tape, a thermos with some soup, and of course food, in my case Forestia. Eating hot at 10 below zero in the middle of Iceland is something that I value very much, but not only that, but dishes that I recommend you try and value yourselves if it deserves or not worth it.

Well and what about the trip? Well, as you have read we have had everything, but knowing the country a bit (it is the sixth time I travel there). I think that time has respected us, except for a couple of days in the Vik area, in the south of the country. And where have we been? kirkjufell, hvitserkur, godafoss, myvatn, stokksnes, jokulsarlon, skogafoss, vik, seljalandsfoss… but we have also visited other less known and typical places, and next year we will still know some more.

For example, this icy waterfall located near Vik, illuminated with a warm minimaglite the ice and snow, with the cold and a blue gel the water, and then with a red front, we painted the fire, and a final touch to the mountaineer with the minimaglite.

Another one of the most incredible moments happened to us in Akureyri, where after discarding to make nocturnal photos in Godafoss after staying in the fire more than 2 hours and moving around to see if we could get a cloud hole, we returned home to have dinner, although they were More than 12, I went to throw the garbage and found the green sky. Given this, I always say, in this type of travel the hardest thing for me is to control the emotions.


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