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Date # June 12, 2017
5 foods tips for hiking and trail

Are you planning to hike or doing a trail and you don’t know which food you should bring with you? Don’t worry! we made a compilation of the best food tips for hiking and doing a trail for you, because doing a route requires more than a bottle of water and a few energy bars.

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Date # June 8, 2017
The 6 most amazing hiking trails in the UK

Are you looking for amazing hiking trails in the UK? On the Internet you will find many trails to do in the United Kingdom, but here you have only 6 of the best ones. Do not miss the chance to have a look at the trails in the UK that our Forestia team has chosen for you.

Lizard peninsula (Cornwall)

One of our favorite amazing hiking trails in the UK is Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall. It is the most southerly point of the British mainland and one of the most incredible coastlines that you will see. It has an extensive area (23 km x 23 km).

Surprisingly, and instead of its name, it has no lizards! But well… It is not a problem, because it has beautiful rugged caves, many subtropical plants, an awesome sea, and many more details that you will enjoy at this amazing hiking trail in UK that we absolutely recommend to you.

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Date # June 6, 2017
5 mountain biking tours in Andalusia

Do you love doing a hike with your mountain bike? If so, we would like to suggest you some of the greatest tours that you will find in Andalusia (Spain) to do a hike by bike. In fact, Andalusia has some of the world’s best trails for that.

Breathing pure air and listen to the nature, while riding your bike, it is amazing. But it can even be more if you have the greatest of the landscapes. That is why we have chosen 5 top tours in Andalusia in which you should do a hike by bike.

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Date # May 30, 2017
Hiking trails near me: 5 apps for discovering them

Have you ever thought “I would like to discover hiking trails near me, easily and just with an app on my phone”? If you love hiking, we are sure that you have wondered this before. And that is the main reason why we have made this compilation

From now on, you will not need to google “hiking trails near me” and waste your time, because you will have the right app on your phone.

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Date # May 26, 2017
The 5 best treks in Europe

Are you thinking about walking around Europe and looking for an amazing trek to do? Then, get relaxed and read carefully this post because we are collecting some amazing treks that will make you enjoy nature as never before. At the end of the post, your only doubt will be which one to choose, because you will want doing all them.

But, take into account that (only) for some of them you will need a good preparation. So, before beginning your adventure, remember to practice a lot. Neither forget to possess everything you need for your trek: comfortable clothes (ready to support the high or low temperatures that you will face) as a bag that you will take with you on your back with basic things as water or food. You can take your own food or choose some of your favorite Forestia pouches, that are easy to take everywhere and have a self-heating system.

Are you ready to discover incredible places?

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Date # April 8, 2017
Forestia heater tutorial

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